So long Harry Potter

I recall the day I picked up a book called Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone at my local Waterstone’s bookshop.

I was hooked. 
Sure it was a kids book. But it was exciting and different and fun and an easy read.
Then came book two and the UK went slightly mad. Children were queuing for books. Boys were in those queues. Hell, adults were in those queues.
It was the birth of a Phenomenon.
This weekend Dan and I watched the final Harry Potter film together. It felt like an event; like one of those ‘I remember when’ moments you will share in years to come.
It felt good. It felt desperately sad. 
I have read every book as it was released over the years. I’ve watched every movie, bought the DVDs; I’ve sucked it all up.
And the film delivered everything it promised. Harry became the hero we all knew he could be, friends stuck together through thick and thin and evil, well, the bad guys lost.
The special effects were magnificent (stone sentinels guarding Hogwarts, a clutch of trolls, a dragon), the story gripping (even though I knew how it was going to end) and my 8 year old left the auditorium with the buzz of excitement in his ears but also the moral that friendship, bravery and love can conquer all.  And for that I thank JK Rowling.

I’ve grown to love those characters. I confess I shed a little tear as I sat there in the auditorium because, well, that’s it. The story has ended. Tied up with a little bow. And I’m going to miss them.
But actually, Daniel has now discovered the books. 
Just like I did all those years ago, except he found them on my bookshelf, all pristine and ordered much like in a book store (yes I am slightly OCD about my books).
So, we’re going on the Harry Potter journey all over again.

And to all those who asked:
Yes it is a happy ending. But tinged with great sadness.
Yes there is more kissing.
Yes it is scary in parts.
No I won’t tell you if Severus Snape was good or evil.
Yes you see many of the ‘old’ characters from previous films.
No Fenngirl, Snape really is not hot you strange girl.

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