A love of learning

My son’s end of term school report is in and it’s another doozy.
He’s a bright kid, this is clear, but it’s the fact that he has a great love of learning new things which makes me most proud.
He sucks up information. He goes to bed asking his dad and I to set him “difficult” maths questions, he reads in his spare time and, much as he loves sport and his PlayStation and Lego, he’s equally excited when he gets sent something like this to play with.

A globe of the world in jigsaw form – what’s not to love?

Ravensburger Child’s World Map Puzzleball – 180 Piece
Price: £19.99
Challenging, fun and educational this is the sort of ‘toy’ you pray your kids will open at their birthday party. Or is that just me?
At the age of 8 my son built this on his own (apart from the very last piece which called for Mummy Help). The pieces are all rigid plastic with numbers on the back so it’s very easy to build and follow.
And at the end you have a fabulous globe to sit on your bedside table and spot all the places you want mummy and daddy to take you in your globetrotting youth . . .

We were sent the Puzzleball by Toys R Us as part of their Toyologist programme. It was a big hit.

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