Nerf Gun Wars. A 5-step guide

The rules according to an 8 year old:

  1. Plan ahead. Make sure you know where your ‘dens’ are. Behind mum is usually the best one because no one DARES fire at her.
  2. Suit up. Don’t worry about what you look like, if you’re going to win you need to take it seriously. So wear your dressing gown: vast, valuable pockets to squirrel copious amounts of ammo in.
    Sure you look at bit of a chump racing around the house in your jeans and your dressing gown, but if you’re winning who cares?
  • Never underestimate the enemy. Sure your little sister looks like a pushover, but when she’s got you pinned down in the corner of the kitchen and unleashes hell on the top of your head with a volley of bullets, well, more fool you.
    She’s only 5 but she’s deadly.
  • Use daft voices to put the opposition off. “Oozie 9mm” in an Arnie voice works a charm. Or try “on my mark, unleash helllllll”in a gruff, angry voice. Suddenly daddy’s wasted youth spent watching violent movies pays off.
  • Finally.Never EVER give dad your new Nerf Barricade gun. With compact design, 10-dart revolving barrel, whistler bullets and WAY COOL motorised firing. You keep that baby to yourself.
  • We were sent the Nerf Barricade gun (above left) by Toys R Us as part of their Toyologist programme. As you can tell, we had quite a lot of fun with it!

    Nerf Barricade MREV-10, £17.99

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