How to be the most popular person at a blogging conference

In nine days time I will be at Cybermummy, the UK conference for parenting bloggers where a whole host of strange and wonderful people will be milling around chatting, listening, gossiping and, if you’re anywhere near me, cackling.
It’s a weekend not to be missed.

I will also be speaking at said conference about The Gallery and trying to ignore the hecklers at the back of the room – GLARES at Liz, Laura, Erica and Becky.
But more importantly than that, much more importantly than that, I will be bringing with me a huge box of Lego Mini figures courtesy of my lovely sponsors.

I have about 400 of the little blighters to give out! Well, less four that I had to placate the children with . . .
So, to all those people attending Cybermummy next weekend; If you want one, come and find me BUT NOT AT THE EVENT ITSELF.
It will be a bit like find Wally, except I’m not a wally . . . *ahem*
Hunt me down, come over, tap me on the shoulder, introduce yourself, give me a hug if you’re that way inclined and you get a Lego Mini figure in return.
I repeat: I will NOT be giving these out at the conference itself. I won’t even be bringing them to the venue with me. You got to find be other ways . . .

That’s it.
Look forward to seeing you all there

T x

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