Zumba? Zumba? What the heck is Zumba?

Before I had children I was a serious gym bunny.
I loved high energy aerobics classes and ones with scary names like Boxercise, Triple Challenge and Super Step.
But then had babies and I fell out of love with Lycra and leaping around a gym and in love with being at home with them.
Of course, the price I paid is weight gain.

However, I never lost the love of doing something energetic (I became a bit of a power walker) I just didn’t want to travel to a gym or school hall to do it.
I wanted something that fits in with my life. And that life revolves around two school-age children and a husband who doesn’t come home from work until 7pm.

So, I have been asked to trial the new interactive Zumba Dance Party for the Wii (SCREAM!) for the next month to see what I think of it and how I get on.
I have heard SO much about Zumba from friends, on Facebook and on Twitter that I’m quite excited/scared/daunted by the prospect (*I’ll delete as appropriate when I can give a more informed view).
Also I need to try and keep the kids off it. It’s a mummy thing you guys, go play Mario or Just Dance or something.

You can follow my progress/laugh/poke fun at me on the Zumba Facebook page.
And then tell me what you think of Zumba.
Zumba, zumba, zumba. Sounds funny when you say it over and over and over.

Oh and also, I have a VERY EXCITING COMPETITION for you all next week, so watch this space . . .

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