This photo has guilt written all over it

My daughter wants a dog. D E S P E R A T E L Y wants a dog.
Last year our one and only ‘proper’ pet (fish don’t count apparently) died. Lily, our ancient cat, fell asleep in the spare room one night and didn’t get up the next morning.
Hubby and I cried (she was my gift to him in our very first home together).
Mia tried to fein sorrow but her ‘ah, poor Lily’ was immediately followed with an eager “can we have a dog now?” complete with saucer-sized eyes.

I don’t know why we don’t have a dog.
I grew up surrounded by dogs (my mum shows and breeds them) but we’ve always worked full time and it seemed unfair to have one.
Now I work from home . . .

In the meantime she has one pink stuffed cat called Little Dude and one animatronic dog called Biscuit for company.
Like I said, every time I look at this photo I feel the great weight of guilt baring down on me!

(And yes, she is STILL wearing the damn Ben 10 jacket!)

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