The Gallery week 57: April

We had no intention of watching the Royal Wedding.
We had every intention of taking advantage of the fact that huge swathes of the UK would be glued to their TVs and so pretty much anywhere we went for a day out would be crowd free.

But then a strange thing happened.
While getting dressed to go out, we left the children watching the TV on our bed. Lay out on their tummies, chins in hands, utterly glued.
So we sat and watched for a little while; the whole family cuddled up on our bed.
Then before we know it, it’s time for the service to start so we stay to see the ‘princess’s dress’.
And then Prince William mouths something like ‘I love you’ or ‘you look beautiful’ and my 8 year old says “that must mean they really love each other” and before you know it we’ve watched the whole thing and I’m on the verge of tears.

Whatever you feel about the Royal family, or the spectacle, or the expense of a Royal wedding I just love the effect it had on us that day.
It made me feel proud to be British. It made me feel warm and wonderful and patriotic and joyous.
And given the shocking events which marked the first day of May, that’s something I will hold onto as my over-riding memory of April 2011.

The day we curled up on the bed together to watch a couple in love say ‘I do’ and then partied with strangers at a local street party.

This post is for Week 57 of The Gallery: April.
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