Moustachioed: The results

Dearest Tara

I am supposed to be packing for an overnight stay tonight. Instead I am sat eating cake and drinking tea. I need sustenance. It has taken me two and a half hours to whittle the Moustachioed Gallery entries down to 7 … from 69.

Never have I seen such an impressive array of tashes. All that could make this experience complete would be to have Tom Selleck assisting me in said judging.

I have managed to pick a winner based, in main, on the fact that it supports the encouragement of moustache wearing on the next generation … and because the subjects are wearing their face furniture with a certain sense of pride. The winner is ChiBibi¬†

Because I was so impressed with the quality of entries I have also awarded runners up prizes (a little moustache-based surprise) to the following people (in no particular order):

SAHMLovingIt and Modern Mummy: You can’t beat a bit of wonky eyebrow and drunken eyes alongside your moustache. I speak from experience.
Spudballoo: Everytime I look at that photo I feel mildly disconcerted. The same way I feel when watching Psychoville.
Mother’s Always Right: Can’t beat the sighting of your first moustache.
Doing It All For Aleyna: This made me chuckle, those Turkish photoshoppers!
Slimlens: A lovely story and well done that Husband!

So there you have it. My work here is done. I can go back to thinking about stroking Tom Selleck’s tash and add ‘Moustache Judge’ to my CV.

Much love

Judger of Facial Hair

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