Lovely Lego winners

I have a huge box full of Lego sitting under my desk just waiting to be sent out to a whole bunch of you lucky so and sos.
Nearly £125 worth of goodies.
So without further ado, here are the winners of said Lego competition, as judged by my slightly Lego obsessed 8 year old.
(He doesn’t know said Lego is sat under my desk by the way, so shhhh or he’s likely to nab it when I’m not looking).

Here are the winners:
First prize: Pharaoh’s Quest: Rise of the Sphinx (£40.99)
Winner: LJB (you said the magic word apparently: “laser”)

Second prize: Hero Factory: Fire Lord (£17.99) and Hero Factory: Stormer 2.0 (£7.99)
Winner: Wit Wit Woo

Third prize: Harry Potter: Quidditch Match (£20.99)
Winner: Clairey W

Fourth prizes:
New Lego games: Frog Rush, Sunblock, Banana Balance, Ramses Return (£9.99 and £7.99 each)
Winners: Mirka Moore, Joanne Mallon, Pants With Names, Dan.

Congratulations all. I will be in touch.

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