How much do your children know about 9/11?

The news is awash with the story today that Osama Bin Laden has been killed by American forces and his rein of terror is at an end.
But as the world’s media and politicians rejoice, I confess I feel a great deal of discomfort over a world cheering over a person’s death.
Yes he’s a man who has helped cause great heartache, committed great evil and continued to preach that evil.
But should we ‘celebrate’ his death?

My children know about the horrors of 9/11 because my husband and I have a personal story wrapped up in those events.
We’ve explained to my 8 year old what happened, tried to tell him why it happened and tried to explain what ‘terrorism’ is (not an easy concept for a child to understand).
But now do I tell him we should cheer because the man behind these acts is dead?
That a man has been hunted down and killed and so we should wave flags and laugh and clap?
Or should I tell him that we should be quietly grateful he can no longer cause harm and move on with our lives?

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