10 things which mean I’m better than you

  1. I look hot even when sporting a face mask.
  2. I have a goodie cupboard. I stock it with Iced Gems, chocolate Hob Nobs, bars chocolate and cheesy puffs crisps. It’s not for the children.
  3. I regularly Tweet with John Cusack. He never Tweets back.
  4. I am the crown Queen of list making. Writing this post makes me go all flushed.
  5. I make the Best Cup of Tea. I even blogged a recipe for it. 
  6. At a recent quiz night I managed to salvage my team’s dismal performance by acing the final round: Naming all the James Bond films, the actors who starred in them and the years they were released. My movie nerdom finally did me proud.
  7. I own a Japanese Acer that’s worth about £400.
  8. I have have been taught how to ‘taste’ chocolate properly by Mr Chocolate himself at Green & Black’s head office.
  9. I do not have a party trick. Not a one.
  10. I have met Simon Le Bon. He doesn’t remember me.

What do you mean they’re all lame? Go on then, tell me what makes you betterer than me?

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One Response to 10 things which mean I’m better than you

  1. Katy Hill says:

    I'VE met Simon Le Bon too! Ah – he gets around that one! 😉 x

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