The Photo Gallery Week 54: Tomorrow

I believed I had a duty as a parent to raise the next generation of adults.
A generation to be proud of; to celebrate.
Adults who will one day become the thinkers, the workers, the entrepreneurs of our future.
Who will shape the world we live in, move it forward, make new laws, bring new thinking, reach new heights.

I teach my children how to make friends, how to empathise, how to help, how to listen.
How to be a friend.
I believe in making that next generation a compassionate one. That despite the rampant advance of technology, we can still connect and reach out and ‘feel’.
And that by engaging with people and seeing the world through their eyes, it can make us more powerful.

Maybe I’m a ridiculous optimist, but tomorrow I want a world I’m happy for my children to grow up in, and it’s photos like this head-together moment of two girls connecting, sharing, teaching, learning, that gives me hope we could just do it.

This post is for Week 54 of The Gallery: Tomorrow.
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I can’t wait to see what you come up with.
(And PS I’m really sorry it was such a tough one!)

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