The best thing about being a parent is . . .

Before Children I would often hear people talk about the utter craziness of parenting.
The chaos, the tough stuff, the lows.
But then, with an almost beatific smile on their face, they would say, ‘but it’s all worth it’.

Well HOW is it worth it? Are you just saying that to make me feel better? You’ve just told me you’re up all night cleaning vomit out of the cot slats, have barely slept and are tearing your hair out because your 5 year old has the attitude of a stereotypical teenager.
How how how can it possibly be worth it?

Then you become a parent and you kind of do that ‘ahh‘ as you realise what everyone was blathering on about.
Then you go and do the same thing again to someone else and so the confusion goes on!

So. I asked the question of Twitter: What is the best thing about being a parent?
I was deluged!
See what you think; and are there any you would add? . . .

I became a whole lot less selfish and a whole lot more tolerant of others. Being responsible for another human being does that to you.
Tara (err, that’s me)

Listening to your kids come out with the craziest things. And when they throw themselves at you because they just want a cuddle

Seeing the world through their eyes. It’s like every thing’s brand new.
Liz Jarvis UK

The joy on Dimples’ face when she realised she could walk; the smile on PD’s face as she told me she loved me.

Your children saying the most unexpected cute things which make you smile with pride!

It’s that smell when they are in your arms all warm and cuddly and you breathe them in…and they giggle.

My 6yo can’t lie next to me without some part (or all) of him being in contact with me. Doesn’t even realise he’s doing it.

Rob Ellis

It stops you becoming one of those people that talk about their cats all day!

The eye contact between you and them. The way they look you square in the eye and you feel so connected.

Giving them a sneaky snuggle and kiss when the are fast sleep! And making memories that will last forever

Being able to stop their tears if they are sad, tired or hurt by a simple cuddle.
Pampered Mummy

Best thing about being a parent is that you keep the title forever, even if your children are lost or grown.

When they go to sleep and when they wake 1st thing in the morning (not during the night).

Morning kisses and cuddles!

Them thinking that you know the answer to everything, can kiss anything better and trusting you to not let them fall 🙂

Tickling fights and laughing and rolling about on the floor – just finding the fun in the most mundane things
Seeing a little person grow and change every single day.

Unconditional love
Fab in your 40s

When they tell you “I love you THIS much” with their little arms spread as WIDE as they can stretch them…

The feeling that he is genuinely my best friend and someone I am proud to share a life with, even though he’s only two.

The love, the mess, the chaos, the wonder, the awe, the fact that one moment has made a lifetime.

All our kids think we are the “bestest” mum in the world.

The cuddles, and being told by a toddler that you are the best mummy in the world… But really it’s the cuddles.

One of mine is the HUGE love that is impossible to describe and which gets into every fibre of your being”. Yes. That.

Best thing is that every day is different, you’re totally unprepared and you’re on The Journey together.

Them finally conking out and knowing it will be 10 hours before you see them again. Or 12 if you’re lucky.

Having unconditional love in something you created and knowing there is pretty much nothing you wouldn’t do to get a loving smile!

My lo is only 15 weeks and the best thing for me is seeing her change and become more aware everyday- and her baby smiles.

Being given an excuse to be a child again.

One of the best things about being a parent is that I have a much greater appreciation of my own parents now.

The feeling of excitement of seeing them after being in work all day, having a great big squeezey hug and hearing about their day.

My mum says the best thing about being a parent is patience and forgiveness.

That sense of heart-thumping joy as I watch her grow every day. And the hugs are the best.

Looking down and seeing a big beaming smile and knowing that you caused it by just being you.

Watching them sleep but not wanting to shut your own eyes to sleep because you will miss them.

Reliving your own childhood again.

Hearing my boy at 11 saying 1 line in a play after being told he would never speak properly.

Apart from getting to be a child again, seeing magic everywhere, new toys, getting told secrets, kisses and hugs.

Knowing that no matter how hard it is, you’d do it all again for them.

It is the most important job I’ll ever have and the one that gives me the most pride.

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