Catalogue kids

I don’t care what anyone says or who raises their eyebrows when they read this, but we are a Boden household.
There I said it. I know it can have middle class connotations and people muttering “la di dah” under their breath. But I don’t care.
I love their kids clothes.
Yes they are expensive, but hello have you not discovered their sales (I was once out for lunch with a friend when an email pinged through on my phone that the sale had started and I cut our lunch short and raced home!)
Plus, when they outgrow them they have great resale value on Ebay . . . *ahem*

Anyway, Boden contacted me and said would you like £60 to spend on our site to see what you think of it?
Err, yes.
Granted £60 doesn’t get you far. I bought Mia this white shift dress (which she has tried to pass off as a nightdress as well so she doesn’t actually have to ever take it off), the T-shirt for Dan and a pair of funky swimming trunks and that’s about your lot.

Also, for the record, putting a white dress on a tree-climbing tomboy who usually lives in jeans? Not such a good idea. She looked ruddy gorgeous though.

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