The Photo Gallery Week 50: Trees

When I was a young girl my mum would take me to these woods near to our home and I would pretend the tangled surroundings were the mysterious, creepy trees from the Lord of the Rings.
I was reading the trilogy of books at the time and my imagination would go into overdrive whenever we visited, recreating scenes from the pages right there in front of me.
Huge, gnarled trunks had hidden faces and unused limbs and the roots were a network of communication ‘cables’ to let the forests’ inhabitants know exactly who was playing in their air.
I had a very active imagination!

Which is why I love taking my own children to these same woods today.
I believe it feeds their creativity, sets their minds free and there is nothing more joyful than watching children run wild and giggling up hill and down dale, kicking leaves, discovering ‘treasure’ and lolloping in mud.

It’s the best way to keep your youth!

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