The Photo Gallery Week 48: Simple Pleasures

I have two 21st Century kids.

They are so totally plugged into technology that sometimes I find it quite scary.
They will never know life before the internet, or instant messaging or Google.
Or what it was like to not have a mobile phone. Or ‘only’ 4 channels on the TV!
They have a Nintendo DS, a PlayStation 3 and we have a ‘family’ Wii for shrieking with laughter at each other as we try to dance/sing/play the drums a la rock band.

BUT. If I say to either of them ‘shall we play outside’ they drop those controllers like a ton of hot bricks rush off to climb into their wellies.
They have a great love of the outdoors.
And what greater pleasure is there when you’re a child out in the fresh air than climbing trees?
I mean, it’s like a rite of passage. It should be on every child’s ‘100 things to do before I’m 10’ list.

And what makes this simple childhood pleasure all the greater, is if you can return home so muddy, with dirt so thoroughly ingrained in every seam of your clothes, that mummy has to strip you off at the front door and send you running upstairs to the shower wearing nothing but streaks of mud across your beaming face!

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