My daughter the elephant trainer

If my 5 year old doesn’t work with animals when she grows up I will eat my large collection of big floppy hats.
She wants to be the next Steve Backshall. Hubby introduced her to David Attenborough last week and she has her sights set on his job too.
She utterly adores all animals and we’ve spent many a heart-thumping moment stopping her from throwing her little arms around any beast she claps eyes on.

So imagine her utter joy when Playmobil sent her this fabulous Zoo set and asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing her thoughts on it?

Hello? Her eyes nearly popped right out of her head when the sets landed: Large Zoo, Children’s Zoo, Meerkat Family, Koala Bears & Kangaroo and Zoo Car with Trailer.
And holy cow, it took me ALL MORNING to set it up!
I moved like a woman possessed as she watched over my shoulder giving me the equivalent of the ‘are we nearly there yets?’
Et voila. A masterpiece.
She practically stroked the large, movable-limbed elephants as they came out of the box.

Mia: “If I worked in a zoo I would look after the elephants.”
Me: “Wow. Wouldn’t you be scared because they’re so big?”
Mia: “No, I’d wear a metal hat and tell the mummy elephant to wait outside while I do stuff in their kennel” 
Me: “But imagine the size of the poo. If you were looking after the elephants you’d have to do things like clean up the poo as well.”
Mia. Looks at me like I’m utterly mad. “They have people to do that mummy. I’ll just be doing the important stuff like training them and taking them for a walk.”

A word to the wise. Ditch the itty bitty meerkat ‘food’ before your child sets eyes on it. Bloody stuff gets EVERYWHERE.
I actually found these sets quite tricky to build (especially the larger ones) as the build instructions aren’t as intuitive as say Lego, where all of one section is found in one bag. The piece you want could be in any one of the 15 or so bags in the box!
This zoo has now taken over our conservatory, from which we have been banned because it “belongs to the animals and you might frighten them”.

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