There are many milestones in a child’s life; That first smile, the day they learn to walk, to talk, first day at school.
And in our family, this.
Heartwarming, father/daughter moment. At our local park where hubby also taught Dan to ride his bike three years ago.

Grassy area for the initial falling off period. Flat concrete path for improvers. Play area to run riot in when the ‘learning’ is over.
I think Mia left that park slightly taller on Saturday afternoon and most definitely with a smile on her face.
Daddy certainly did.

I learned to ride on a purple Raleigh Chopper. Or a Tomahawk. Can’t recall which now. Remember those, with the groovy seat,  the gears on the crossbar and the front wheel smaller than the rear?
I learned in my nan’s back garden and used one of her kitchen chairs to balance myself for take off.

What do you mean you need to see evidence?
Oh go on then, here you go . . .
No idea why I’m only wearing a swimming costume. I was only 5 you know . . .

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