From one mother to another

Blogging to me has been a lifeline over the years; meeting mothers who feel the same as me, think the same, think totally differently, make me question myself, make me feel like I’m not alone.
But all mothers.

Today Interflora sent me a lovely bouquet of flowers as an early Mother’s Day gift and said I could nominate another mother to receive an arrangement.
Kind of like online Mother’s Day tag.

So I nominate my online friend Jay.
I met her on Twitter after being introduced through @LauraAWNTYM and instantly thought: “Holy cow, who is this woman?” In a good way.
We’ve since become real life friends and I’ve seen the ‘real’ person behind that online sass.
I’ve seen her highs and her lows (reading about her thoughts about her final concert as a cellist was just amazing), met her two utterly adorable young boys and laughed with her until tears leaked from my eyes.
I have so many friends out there being the best mothers they can, this was an almost impossible task.
But I’ve given my flowers to the person I think needs them the most at this moment in time.

Jay has a huge personality – but there is SO much more to her than any online medium could possibly reveal.
Happy Mother’s Day Jay.
Your flowers are on the way x

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