An early present to myself for Mother’s Day

Every year come Mother’s Day I tell anyone who will listen that all I want is a bunch of daffodils and/or tulips and a day of cuddles from my children.
And maybe someone to make me a cup of tea.
Yeah, well this year I’ve changed my mind. I kind of fancy something else. Something a bit more, urmmmm, bling.

So then I get an email from Jenny at Scarlett Jewellery, based in Brighton.
They want to send me a Mother’s Day present. I have a root around their website and decide I want everything. But instead I control myself and settle on a ‘Mojo’ necklace, inscribed with the words ‘live love laugh’.
It comes pretty much the next day and is wrapped beautifully and I feel instantly special.

So this Mother’s Day I will still (hopefully) be getting the flowers and the cuddles and in return I’ll be teaching my children to live, love, laugh – the greatest gift I can give to them.

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