20 reasons why I suck

I love this sucky post from US Life Coach Tim Brownson so I’ve poached it and done my own.
Obviously I don’t suck as much as him because I’ve only got 20 in my list *ahem*.

I procrastinate/faff to Olympic standards.
I need lists for my lists.
I am still a Duranie.
I cannot blow up a balloon.
I hate balloons with the heat of a thousand suns.
I am annoyingly chipper in the morning.
I’m at my working peak at about 10pm.
I cannot bear coffee.
Or wine.
I shout at other drivers from the soundproof comfort of the interior of my car.
I would rather bury my head in the sand than make a difficult decision.
I’m too trusting.
Once bitten I never ever forget.
I’ve taken photos of every part of my life since the age of about 15.
My house is filled with photo albums from the 80s and 90s.
I cannot whistle using my fingers in my mouth.
I giggle at everything.
I once told the children that adults could eat chocolate because it wasn’t as bad for you after the age of 16.
I hide behind the office door when the window cleaner comes because he TALKS TOO MUCH.
I talk incessantly to hide the fact that I’m really shy.
I tut a lot.
I can’t count.
I’m giggling now because you’ve just gone back to the start of this list and counted how many there are!

Do you suck at anything?

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