The Photo Gallery Week 47: Expressions

Such a Mona Lisa smile.
This is a look my 5 year old wears often; Knowing, contained, brewing.
We’re going through a bit of a teenage stage at the moment whereby she acts like a 14 year old and I tear my hair out at her lack of being 5.
She sighs and rolls her eyes at me. At a recent visit to the cinema to see Disney’s Tangled I may have shed a tear in parts, and Mia looks at me like I’M embarrassing HER!
If I’m telling her off or explaining why she shouldn’t do something, she tilts her head to one side, smiles, and says in a flat, emotionless tone: “Mummy, let me explain” like she’s drumming up great wells of patience to deal with ME.

This is a smile I recognise all too well.
And I know exactly what that look means: Bloody big trouble for me that’s what.

This post is for Week 47 of The Gallery: Expressions.
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