The Photo Gallery Week 45: 24 hours

A day spent on a windy rugby pitch touchline, hands dug deep into overcoat pockets, shoulders hunched up to keep the weather off my neck, heart bursting with pride at my sporty boy giving his all.
I’ve talked before about how we give over much of our weekend’s to my son’s sporting pursuits.
Rugby training on a Saturday with his dad, sometimes a football and a rugby match on a Sunday.
But actually, we’ve made it a family affair now.
We have a hearty breakfast, we wrap up warm as we face the elements, we cheer our man on and then we come home and collapse!
(Or at least they do while I tackle muddy kit and boots).

This was our Sunday just gone.

Dan’s tag rugby team has been shortlisted for a team of the year award and this Friday they will find out who is crowned winners.
As far as I’m concerned he wins hands down every time.

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