One of the most important weapons in any parent’s Back to School arsenal

As the parent of a child at school don’t think you can get by without these little beauties.
You can’t.
Unless you’re happy sending your child into school one day with a fairly new pair of £40 shoes, only to receive a similar but definitely NOT fairly new pair back. Oh yes, I’ve been there.

I’ve gone through the writing their names on the labels inside the clothes in Biro, but there it’s always the day I forget to re-ink it after washing that it gets lost.
And I’ve gone through the ‘these clothes are your responsibility. If you lose them I will be coming down on your like a ton of bricks’.
Yeah, that SO didn’t work.

Then I had an email from the very lovely Lars at My Nametags.
He said would I like to try out some of his clothes tags and stickers?
Would. I. Ever.

And here they are (lovely Lars printed me off a set with and without the children’s surnames on).
Iron on for clothes, stickers for water bottles etc.
Pink for Mia, Red for Dan.

And because I’m a big kid myself and like to show off and, like my 5 year old, attach random stickers to people’s clothes when they’re not looking, Lars also had these babies made for me:

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