Am I the only one who actually enjoys supermarket shopping?

When I was a little girl I insisted on being taken supermarket shopping with my mother.
I loved it.
She told me the minute I HAD to do it for myself or a family, that I wouldn’t be quite so keen.
She was wrong.
I still love it.

Granted some of my most embarrassing moments have been in supermarkets at the hands of my daughter.
Like the time she told a mother very loudly exactly what she thought of her parenting skills.
Or the time she called a very large lady a “fat cow” only to then point out she was talking about a picture of a fat cow in the dairy aisle and not the lady I was now apologising to.
Or the time we ran into a very friendly dwarf who stopped and chatted to us, and as he turned to go, she says very loudly “what was THAT?”
Yes yes, all quality cheek burning stuff.

I thought I was on my own with my love of supermarket shopping.
But no. There are more of us out there. Witness these Twitter messages:

So then Tesco gets in touch with me and says do you fancy testing out our online shopping service?
And I’m a bit ‘but why would I do that?’. However, I do love me a bit of internet shopping so I agree.
They’ll give me £50 off if I spend £75 or more. £75 or more? I can do that in the first aisle most weeks.
This is why I love physically going to the store. The cruising up and down the aisles, head in the clouds, humming a tune, planning out blog posts.
Let’s face it, supermarket time for me is now ‘me’ time!

But truth be told I couldn’t fault the online service.
As I use a Clubcard in store they knew many of my favourites already so it didn’t take me long to fill my virtual basket up.
They told me relevant offers, told me when I was missing out on offers, gave me alternatives, I could have my shopping delivered without bags (I always use my own) and it was actually quick and rather painless.

Then the delivery man came to my door and my love of the service shot up again. We stood there chatting about the bizarre ‘alternatives’ people have been sent (you order garlic, they don’t have any so you’re sent salt instead. Or my favourite: ordered bananas and got sent yellow peppers instead).
And there you have it, my shopping delivered on time, painlessly and with a little humour thrown in.

That being said I’m not giving up my actual trips to the supermarket any time soon.
I mean why would I want to miss the day my daughter yelled across the checkouts to the woman who had dropped her packet of frozen peas: “Oi LADY. Oi. Look over here!”?
No siree, not me!

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