10 reasons why I am a fantastic mum . . .

reasons why i'm a fantastic mum

. . . according to my children.
Yes I asked them, because I was in need of a boost and there is nothing finer than indulging yourself in the warm glow of your kids when you’re feeling flat.
So I asked them, what are the things that I do which make you happy.
Here are their answers:

  1. I let them eat chocolate for breakfast
    (I only did this at Christmas but they seem to see it as a year-round thing).
  2. I play wrestling and don’t pretend to lose.
    (That’ll be because I am Competitive Mum).
  3. I know all the words to The Flintstones theme tune.
    (And Scooby Doo. And The Muppets. And The Hairbear Bunch).
  4. I am ace at helping build Lego figures.
    (According to my son, I’d be even better if I stopped taking over ALL THE TIME).
  5. I still give piggybacks
    (and let me tell you, my kids aren’t light)
  6. I let my 8 year old have a friend for sleepover two nights in a row
    (A big ole mistake on my part; I thought they’d been arranged for consecutive weeks not the same bloody weekend!)
  7. I’ll play Bakugan
    (Oh god! If you have a son of Bakugan age, run run RUN away)
  8. I cook roast dinners – and not just on a Sunday
  9. I let them give me a makeover using my make up
    (And end up looking like I’ve been mugged)
  10. “You spend lots of time with us even when we know you’ve got washing and stuff to do . . . “
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