You see, THIS is why I blog . . .

Me: “Mia your hands are so dirty. Look at them.”
She rolls her eyes and sighs like she’s summoning up deep wells of patience.
Mia: “That’s because I’m creative mum.”

“Does Santa say ‘ho ho ho and a bottle of rum?”
No love thems pirates!

“Mummy, sometimes you really are beautiful. But only sometimes.”

After a visit to the doctor.
Mia: “You need to buy me a treat now.”
Me: “Well, yes, you were a very good girl in there I guess.”
Mia (clearly chuffed with herself): “No not for that. The whole time we were talking to that doctor, I held a trump in.”

Mia: “I learned something new in school today.”
Me: “Oh great, what was it?” (she NEVER tells me anything about what she’s learning).
Mia: “Kiss chase. I’m really good at it.”

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