Why mums are better than dads. A list

Mums are better than dadsI saw this great post at Father Apprentice – Why Dads are more Better Than Moms –  and thought I’d offer the other side of the coin:

Mums arrange sleepovers for your friends.
Mums do the shopping and so put chocolate HobNobs and Cheesy Puffs in the cupboards.
Mums don’t mind if you cry over a film/a cut knee/a girl.
Mums remember all your key dates so you don’t have to.
Mums instinctively know what’s wrong without you actually having to tell them.
Mums have bat hearing in the night and instantly know when you need them.
Mums are prepared to wash your mud-caked stinkin rugby/footy/hockey kit.
Mums come into direct contact with your vomit/pee/poo and don’t dance around like a big girl and make a scene.
Mums will never embarrass you on the dance floor.
Mums drive better.

And then I asked the wisdom of Twitter:
Mums can multi task. They can change a nappy/empty the dishwasher and help with your homework without breaking into a sweat (@LauraCYMFT)

Mums always give you the benefit of the doubt. Always. And have boobs so give squishier hugs (@ScribblingMum)

Mums ALWAYS know where the missing hairbrush/shoe/football/crucial LEGO piece is. It’s second nature (@LauraAWNTYM)

Mums are brave enough to do the dentist/optician/hospital/minor injuries/homework … (@CazbatTweets)

Mums are happy to roll with it (@MissBethAnn)

Mums can grow hair on their knuckles too. They just choose not to! (@MumsRock)

Mums are proud of you if you get up in the morning. Dads expect actual achievements! (@Mumra)

Mums are better at mopping up tears (@LivingWithKids)

Mums have the best “make it better” cuddles (@LittleLilyPadCo)

Mums see a quiet house as trouble brewing and go investigate. Dads put the telly on then find the kids ice skating in the kitchen (@MammyWoo)

Because we just are! (@Mammyskitchen)

“God could not be everywhere and therefore He made mothers.”
– Jewish Proverb

“I know how to do anything – I’m a mom.”
– Rosanne Barr

So what say you? Any more to add that show why mums are better than dads?

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