The Photo Gallery Week 41: Body Parts

This is the view of my son I get most nights now.
Just a pair of hands peaking out from behind a book.

He is a total bookworm.
Do you even know how happy it makes me to write that sentence?

He has moved on to ‘free reading’ at school which basically means he gets to read whatever he likes and I don’t have bang my head repeatedly on the kitchen counter as I suffer yet another dullsville school-imposed book.
So his books of choice at the moment are The Spiderwick Chronicles (which he reads with his dad), a Doctor Who tale (which he reads with me) and a Beast Quest book (which he reads on his own).

I’ve been polishing off my Harry Potter and Narnia collection to share with him; and believe you me, this book nerd (who hasn’t let anyone borrow one of her pristine paper or hardbacks since someone FOLDED DOWN THE CORNERS on her copy of Brave New World back in 1998) doesn’t share her collection with just anyone.

This post is for Week 41 of The Gallery: Body Parts.
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