The Photo Gallery Week 43: Children

Funny, cheeky, charming, amazing, adorable, surprising, fascinating, fabulous, heartwarming, heartbreaking . . .
No matter what their age or stage in life, children remain all of the above.

I know different stages can bring different ‘challenges’; that there are times when we look at our children and wonder where the heck we went wrong.
We’re in the ‘no’ stage with Mia at the moment (said with no emotion or anger or tantrum. Just a small, flat ‘no’ while she rolls her eyes at you. She’s 5 for heaven’s sake!)
Sometimes if she really wants to annoy me, she offers a ‘nope’ (wide eyes, exaggerated lip movement).

But put them together with other kids and I could sit and watch them for hours.
This is my 8 year old with a family friend Lola a couple of summers ago. How utterly cute are they? Sure he’s a real ‘boy’ and all he wants to talk about is sport and football cards and who can run faster than who in the playground and he tuts and moans when I tell him, actually no you can’t have a bar of chocolate for breakfast.
But when a 3 year old asks for his attention he’s all ears.

And a million and one other little stories like that. We all have them.
So write all those adjectives above down and remember them.
Our children really are amazing.

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