My girl. In print

This morning my 5-year-old daughter asked me if she always wore a hat to cover her hair and jeans and a blue top, would people think she was in fact a boy.
Her very favourite outfit is a navy blue top with skull and crossbones on the front and I had to practically restrain her from having a pair of ‘boy’ school shoes this term.

When I am actually allowed to choose her clothes for the day, she regularly demands that it’s something “to make me look like Daniel”.

But sometimes, just sometimes, she is so girlie, so utterly munch-ably girlie, that I think I appreciate it all the more.

This thing of beauty now hangs above my daughter’s bed to remind her that she is actually a girl.
The photo canvas, sent to us courtesy of Pixum to review, is wonderfully reproduced and vibrant and shows off this fairytale-esque photo perfectly.
And every now and again she glances up at it and says “I want to look like that mummy”

Thanks Pixum for helping to girlify my girl!
The service is really easy to use. Easy to upload your pictures, easy to order and delivery fast and well packaged.

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