My big boned Wii Mii

Hubby won a black Wii in the office Christmas raffle (I KNOW!) together with the Wii Fit Plus and board.
I may or may not have stroked it when it landed in our living room.
It is a thing of beauty and is now allowed to sit next to the TV instead of being banished behind the curtains because the ‘normal’ one is so white.
To say this household is slightly obsessed with the Wii would be to put it very very mildly!

A couple of years ago, both hubby and I opted for no presents at Christmas, kept the children’s stockings very minimal, and asked Santa if he would treat the family to a Nintendo Wii.
We were converted.
Dan, who was six at the time, thrashed his pa at boxing. Constantly.
And I had the pleasure of beating my 16-year-old nephew at bowling.
Little pleasures.
Then we discovered Mario Kart and this year Dan had Guitar Hero for his 8th birthday: A contender for one of the best family bonding games EVER.
(Yes, yes, your eyes don’t deceive you, Dan put the stickers on upside down!)

But this post isn’t about the blood, sweat and tears I’ve shed trying to be a drummer on that thing.
No, this post is about my new Wii Fit and the fact that it has me hula hooping, boxing, jogging and doing Downward Dog (hush now, it’s a yoga posture) every single day.
Did you hear that? I’m exercising every day.

My motivation? The bloody Wii Mii it created (the character to represent you on this keep fit journey) – honestly, it’s enough to send me off on a Forrest Gump-esque run, never stopping until the weeble before my eyes with a white outfit on (they put me in white for heaven’s sake) has slimmed down significantly.
Yea gods, it’s horrendous having to look at that every time I work out.

I’m also convinced my Wii board groans every time I step on it. Or is that me being paranoid?

Anyway, love the thing. Don’t love it enough to post a photo of my Wii Mii though, so don’t bother asking.

UPDATE: I’ve been pressured in the comments and on Twitter to post a picture. So here is my Wii Mii in Kung Fu mode. In a forgiving tunic. Working out next to two pensioners on the right with Wii wrinkles. Sheesh, I’m not THAT bad.

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