How to win nominations for Best Parent Ever

We let the children stay up with us to welcome in 2011 this year.
Best decision ever.
When we told them, it was like we were announcing we were having a rerun of Christmas. THAT is how excited they were.
Dan listened wide-eyed in wonder. His little sister excited by the sheer fact that he was excited so it MUST be good!

After a long soak in the bath, they donned PJs, came back downstairs and we played bingo together, ate chocolate goodies, sipped ‘cocktails’ and then took to the newly-acquired Guitar Hero for some hard rockin.

At the age of 8, Dan thrashed the pants of the lot of us. On every instrument.
And it’s not for lack of trying. Oh man I SWEATED playing those drums. It is tough.
I know we’re about a million years late on discovering this magnificent game, but I think every family should own one for bonding sessions.
Easily the best laugh we’ve had in ages.
I mean just look at her. And no Heat magazine, you can’t have this photo of her when she becomes famous!

Sure we’ve paid for it today with grumpy behaviour, but this is easily one of the best decisions we made.
Sharing the dawn of a new year; a new decade, with your children is an absolute joy.

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