Toys for under a tenner this Christmas

And so the Toys R Us toy reviewing continues. It’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it.
Today I bring your stocking fillers. Or gifts for friends. Or pocket money toys.
Toys for under a tenner.

Galt Bouncy Balls Kit, £5.99
Ah yes, messy creative play. I’m not a fan I confess.
This one you get to create your ow bouncy balls from coloured crystals. Mess!
On top of that, these thing never really turn out how they look on the box. Well ours don’t anyway.
But actually, this set was OK. Not that messy, easy to do and the resulting balls actually bounced! Bonus.
Be warned though. They don’t stand up to much playing. Ours are looking rather worse for wear now and starting to show signs of crumbling. Mess!
Not bad given the price though.

Galt Cute Cupcakes Kit, £5.99
Ah, more messy creative stuff. This time it’s a plaster moulding kit that has you make and decorate four little cupcakes along with a cake stand to display them on.
It comes with glitter glue (inward groan) and acrylic paints
and I can safely say our end product looked NOTHING like the very pretty cupcakes on the front of the box . . .

Disney Fairies Magic Glow Fairies, £8.99 each
These little figures made my 5 year old daughter’s face light up – especially as she’s been watching a lot of Tinkerbell lately.
Mini fairy figures which, when you press their belly, their wings light up and change colour.
I thought they were a bit lame – especially for £9 a pop – but she just adores them.

Blendy Pens, £9.97
Oh lordy these are a faff. They’re basically felt tip pens and you can twist two together to ‘blend’ colours to create shading and add another dimension to your colouring. The 5 year old just couldn’t get them to blend and I got bored of helping so she ended up just using them as felt tips!
However her 8 year old brother totally got it and was quite taken with them.
Nice if you have children who love their crafts and colouring (and who have the patience to keep going until they ‘get’ it!)

Liv Hayden doll, £9.97
We loved this doll. She comes with a great range of clothes and accessories and the bonus was the one we had was an ‘outdoorsy’ girl (she’s called It’s My Nature). My 5 year old hasn’t put her down. Even chooses her over her array of Disney princesses which is unheard of!
As she is an animal lover she comes with a bunny, a butterfly net, a butterfly chart, a magnifying glass and bag. (And they’re reduced in price at the moment from the usual £19.99).

Sprayza Art Studio, £7.99
Airbrushed pictures? Holy moly, this sounds like a job for a giant sheet on the floor and dressing the kids in head to toe boiler suits.
But no! These clever pens allow you to blow paint onto your chosen stencil to create really quite fabulous pictures. No mess. Well, not until the children try to blow it at the other, then yes, it’s a bit messy.
The pack comes with 15 coloured pens, 8 sheets of paper, 8 stencils and 1 ‘sprayza’ (the device you spray through).

Painting By Numbers, £3.99 each
Blimey, don’t these take you right back?!
A great way to introduce your children to art (although our pictures never quite look like they’re supposed to . . .!
We had a great Manga picture that my 8 year old son loved – all swords and mean, moody faces.
The pack doubles as a paint pot holder and prop for your pictured to make it easier to work on.
Great little gift and a bargain.

Gormiti Magic Egg, £4.95
Basically a plastic figure from the TV show in a fizzing egg.
I know, sounds, well, rubbish doesn’t it?
But no, the 8 year old tells me it’s ‘way cool’ as he drops said egg into a Pyrex dish of water and watches it fizz and dissolve (like a giant bath bomb) until only a figure remains and a sludge of yellow water.

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