Toys for the whole family this Christmas

As official Toys R Us Toyologists we’ve played, tested and sulked at not being able to ‘get it’ to our heart’s content.
Ok, so the sulking was mainly me, but it’s been a blast and today I bring you things to buy for the whole family to join in with.
Things that Santa could maybe leave under the tree for everyone . . .

Bop It, £17.97
Why am I so rubbish at this game? Why why why?
The hand held contraption calls out commands and you have to react as fast as you can. Or throw it at the wall for being defective ONLY when YOU use it because the children seem to find it really really easy.
Apparently the better you get the faster it goes, but that’s not something I ever experienced . . .
Rather addictive fun.

Thinkfun Rush Hour Game, Thinkfun Tipover Game, Thinkfun Zingo Game, £12.99 each
Really really pleasantly surprised by these games.
They’re not something I would have ever picked up, but both by kids are hooked (Dan even sits in bed at night playing them).
The first two are actually more puzzle than game and are great for exercising their little grey cells.
Rush Hour is basically a version of those old fashioned, hand held tile puzzles you can get where you have to unscramble the tiles by sliding them around to make the picture. Only this time you use little coloured cars and lorries on a grid.
Tipover uses a similar principle but you have to tip crates over to get your little man from one side of the board to the other.
Zingo is basically bingo – and let’s face it, it’s positively illegal to not have a game of bingo in the family home.
Excellent games, and they come in their own little travel bag too.

Blast Lab It’s Possi-Bubble, £16.99
With lots of experiments to try out, this kit has lots of ideas on blowing different kinds of bubbles and experimenting with them.
We saw a fabulous show featuring someone doing ‘magic’ with bubbles once so the kids were utterly delighted with this kit which allows you to do everything from blow one bubble inside another to freezing a bubble.

Galt Magic Science Kit, £12.99
I love these kits. We’ve already tested the Disgusting Science kit which, as you can imagine, went down a storm!
This one has you taking part in 10 magical activities from making your own shimmering wand, to mixing up bubbling, colour changing, glowing potions.
A great gift at an affordable price.

Twister, £11.97
Does Twister seriously need reviewing? Surely every household needs to own this?
Sure play it with the kids and have a laugh as you try to get your left hand on the blue spot while having to manoeuvre over the child who is right in front of you on the yellow spot. And then play it when the kids have gone to bed and you’ve had a snifter or two of wine/beer/mojito. Then you’ll find out JUST how funny this age-old game can be.

National Geographic Land and Sky Telescope, £9.99
Easily one of my 8 year old son’s favourite things to review.
Really compact, easy to construct and perfect for introducing eager young minds to the wonders of land (nature, birds) and the sky (stars).
It can be used by hand or with the tripod and is currently taking up pride of place in my son’s bedroom.
Excellent present.

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