The Gallery: Week 38

Hello and welcome to week 38 of The Gallery.

It’s cold here in my little patch of the UK. Damn cold. Minus 10c cold today in fact, which is unheard of!
It is however, very very beautiful. Slightly misty with the glittery white touch of frost on everything. Even the bins look pretty!

And actually, when the weather is like this, I cannot wait to get outside with my camera. Such amazing opportunities and the chance to get creative!
(And then, obviously, rush home, tuck legs under a blanket, put the fire on, and chill out with a hot chocolate in my hands. Or a cup of tea).

And so I thought this week’s theme should be: White.

Of course it doesn’t have to be snow or frost: Just use your imagination.

And the winner of the Black and White Gallery competition is: Brighton Mum – Teenage Angst.
I actually asked hubby to judge this one as the standard was so very high and I really really struggled to whittle it down!
He actually got it down to 3 favourites and I had to call in the professional services of photographer Jay to pick the final winner.
This photo of Brighton Palace Pier wins for being SO different and just a little quirky.
Plus she adds the line: “This is the ‘underbelly’ of this beautifully constructed landmark building. The foundation for all the fun and laughter that happens above.”

Karen, you win a wonderful 16 x 24 photo canvas from Pixum worth more than £44 using a photograph of your choosing.

Now get clicky clicking on this week’s theme. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Don’t forget to come back on Wednesday to add your link.
And as ever, once the links go up, visit as many others as you can, say hi, discover new people, welcome them in when they discover you.
Appreciate the wonderful words and photos that are opening themselves up to you.
The link stays open until the following Tuesday, so don’t worry if you don’t manage to post on Wednesday.

If you’re new here and want to find out what The Gallery is all about and how to enter visit here.
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Go on, clicky click away, you know you want to …

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