The Photo Gallery Week 39: Sparkle

Christmas bling is great isn’t it?
All that brightly-coloured cheer on a dark, dreary night.
Little children’s eyes wide in wonder, the houses looking inviting and festive and like carollers will break out into song if you hand around for a while

This house is a 10 minute walk from our home. Every year, we wait until it’s dark then we stroll up there, wind-up torches in hand, as we navigate the dirt track under the railway bridge, down by the field with the bizarre looking sheep in and emerge to this sight.

They hand out mince pies, Dan complains that he hates them and why don’t they just give out chocolate, and everyone who has come to visit stands around and chews the fat on a cold, pre-Christmas evening.

This post is for Week 39 of The Gallery: Sparkle.

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