The Photo Gallery Week 40: Love

How exactly do you photograph ‘love’?
I said I’d end the year on a toughie and I think it’s one of the most difficult themes, but also one of the easiest.
Love is, as the song goes, all around.

As a mother, I can honestly say words can never describe the love I felt when my children were born; the love I feel for them now.
But this photo fair makes my heart swell.
My two children really do love each other.
This isn’t a one-off photo; they’re like this all the time.
Sure they squabble and argue and call each other “poo head” (never changes across the years does it?) but when I catch them snuggled up together reading a book or lying like this to watch a film, I know that they would rather be together than apart.
And that is a love I am immensely proud and grateful for.

This post is for Week 40 of The Gallery: Love.
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(PS: The Gallery is on holiday now until January 8th when a new theme for the New Year will be posted. Until then, thank you all for taking part. You are all amazing x)

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