It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Our Christmas tree is crammed with wonderful stories.
From the flying sheep hubby and I bought on a holiday in the Lake District together before we were married . . .

The special decorations that Santa leaves in the children’s stockings every year . . .

The silver fairy from a very good friend who we hardly see any more but who I think of every time that fairy tinkles . . .

The woodland Santa which cost a fortune but which makes me smile every time I pull him out of his box come tree decorating time . . .

All of these things go towards making our Christmas tree something very special.
Something which makes my heart glow every single year while the children and I put it up and we remember the story of our decorations.
It’s one of my very favourite traditions and long long may it continue.

And of course I mustn’t forget Rudy. Rudy who watches over our home (and manages to freak me out every time I come down the stairs, convinced there is some creature knocking on our front door).

Merry Christmas to all readers who visit this blog.
Wishing you a fabulous holiday and a happy healthy New Year.

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