Hello from Lapland

Today, if all has gone to plan and it hasn’t snowed AGAIN overnight, I will be in Lapland right now with my two children in search of Santa.
The real Lapland.
The one right up there in the very north of Finland.
The one where Santa sits in his wooden cabin in a snowy forest greeting children and making all their dreams come true.

My son is now 8 so I fear this could be the last year he ‘believes’. So this invite from Transun to go on an amazing day trip to Lapland for a Winter Wonderland could not have come at a better time.
We get to journey on a sled pulled by huskies, enjoy a reindeer ride, I get to show off on a snowmobile and then we get to go in search of Santa.

I’ve been waiting all week to tell them they are going. It’s been off it’s been off with so much snow being dumped on us over the past few days.
But yesterday I got the go ahead from the travel company and I set my plan in motion.

The doorbell rang and Mia (who ALWAYS races to answer the door first) finds a letter in the letterbox.
“Mummy, it’s got my name on!” she gasps.
“Hang on, and Daniel’s”.
I mumble something about it being a card from one of the neighbours but they’re not listening, they’re tearing the thing open.
(NB. I spent aaaages disguising my handwriting to address the letter. They barely even looked. Huh!)

So, here was the letter I sent them . . .
If I could bottle up the joy in the room as Daniel read that letter and it slowly dawned on him what he was being invited to do, well, it would be a good thing).

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