Happy birthday to you, squashed tomatoes and stew . . .

. . .  bread and butter in the gutter
Happy birthday to you.

Daniel was 8 this weekend.
A big, big day for him and his excitement and utter joy was a pleasure to be around.

So I gave him a camera to record his day. To remember this time. This happy, carefree time of family, friends, awesome gifts and a day where he could do whatever he wanted.
Well, after he got home from school!

In fact I gave him the funky green Kodak EasyShare M530 camera I’d been sent to road test …
His brief was to just record his day.

We were sent the new Doctor Who game for the Wii – Return To Earth – to review  and Dan nearly fell off his chair with the excitement of there actually being a game with his very favourite character in and AND “it’s his ACTUAL VOICE ON THERE, mummy!” Big big hit. A ‘keeper’ as we say around these parts.
Followed by another review of Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore which, judging by the cackles and guffaws coming out of the lounge, went down equally as well.

Eight years old.
So so much ahead of him, so so much to be proud of already.
Happy birthday Danny. I could not be more proud of you.

Mum x

NOTE: The Kodak Easyshare camera is a doddle to use, small enough to slip into your pocket so you have a camera with you at all times and easy enough for an 8 year old to manage.
It’s big selling point is it’s ‘Easyshare’ button which enables you to share them instantly online allowing you to email them to people, email to your Kodak Pulse Digital Frame if you have one or upload directly to YouTube, Facebook etc.

And actually, for £80 you get quite a bit of camera. 3x optical zoom, 12 mega pixels, and intelligent ‘smart capture’ for effortless photography: There is also a programme mode if you want a bit more control.
Plus it looks great (we had green but it also comes in red, grey, blue and orange).

Image quality is OK but in some low light conditions it’s quite poor and you end up fiddling around in the programmes to get the right setting and by then the moment has gone!
And in some conditions the auto focus is infuriatingly slow and sometimes nonexistent.

So OK for daytime snaps and those who like to get their photos online as soon as possible!
But for me the ‘easyshare’ was a bit gimmicky and of no use to someone who likes to have a bit of a ‘fiddle’ with their photos before committing them.

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