Guest toy reviewers required

A few months ago an email landed in my inbox which made my children’s day.
I was asked if they would like to be Toyologists: Play with and review toys for Toys R Us.
There was much leaping around.

Today I would like to pass on some of that good fortune.
I am looking for two children to review two toys for me: The VTech MobiGo Touch Handheld Learning System and the Star Wars General Grevious Lightsaber

I need someone to play with them for me. And then tell everyone what they think of it.
Think you have a child who could help?

All you need to do is leave a comment here and tell me either the best Star Wars character ever (if you want the lightsaber) or the best Disney character ever (if you want the MobiGo).
And if you can’t answer either you really really shouldn’t be reading this blog . . . !

The (very few) rules:

  • You need to have a blog or Facebook page to be able to post your review to.
  • You must be in the UK (I’m forking out for the postage here).
  • You need to post a review before Monday, December 20.
  • You need to let the Toys R Us Facebook page know about your review.
  • You need to have fun.
  • I’ll be round with a big stick if you don’t stick to that last rule . . .

The offer is only open for 3 days (comments close on Sunday, December 12 at 11pm) so GET COMMENTING.
Winners will be picked by by my discerning 8 and 5 year olds . . .

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