Carving out a career

We’ve had many many toys to review in this household.
From Lego and Nerf guns to heinous crafty sets, board games and a terrifying doll whose presence here has left a scar across my very brain.
Yes, we’ve sampled them all.

But nothing like this.
When we were sent The Real Construction Deluxe Workshop (£29.99) to test we were told it’s tipped to be one of this Christmas’s ‘must haves’ by Argos.
I’m actually wondering if it’s one of those ‘dad’ toys which get bought for the kids, but actually the kids can’t get a look in once dad is on the scene.

Anyway, the box comes complete with ‘Kid Wood’ (I’m not even kidding), various tools, screws, nails and you’re supposed to be able to build 8 projects from it.
Kid Wood is a foamy, plastic material which is easy to cut and NO MESS. Yes, I said no mess.

However, I’d like to see the 6 year old (for that is the age range this starts at) who built the projects featured using this kit. They must be a professional.
Also you couldn’t really hit the nails into the wood properly with the hammer as it kept bouncing back! We found the screws much more effective.
And actually, the instructions on how to build the projects are terrible. Or non-existent – nothing telling you how big to cut the wood for starters. We gave up on them in the end and just did some free-style creating, which went down much better.

Plus hubby nearly had heart failure. He’s an engineer. This kind of less than precision toy drives him MAD!
Great for budding carpenters or craftsmen though . . .
(PS. I would have posted a picture of our creation here, but it got taken outside in today’s snow, never to be seen again . . . Maybe we’ll find it when the Big Thaw comes).

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