What is the best toy ever?

When I was about 7 I had two Sindy dolls: Skating Sindy and Ballet Sindy.

My grandma used to make clothes for them: Glamorous, shocking pink ballgowns, tidy little jackets, funky kilts.
I loved those dolls above all else. Barbie did not get a look in.

Sindy was in love with my brother’s Eagle Eye Action Man. Then the Six Million Dollar Man came to our home and the roll-back skin on his forearm to reveal his bionics clearly won Sindy over, for Eagle Eye didn’t get a look in from then on in.
Happy days.

These days my 7 year old is obsessed with Lego. He can lose hours creating with his box of spare bits and pieces.
And when he’s sent something like this to review, well, he’s all “this is so awesome, mummy”. “Oh my god, sliding doors, so cool!”
The Lego Train Station has been a very big hit.

Why am I rambling on about this?
I ran a competition recently to win some Lego and asked the question: What is the best toy ever (or ‘eva’. I was trying to be smart).
Anyway, the answers on that post were just hilarious and I didn’t want them to get lost in the comments section, so I thought I would share some of them here.
So enjoy this little trip down Memory Lane.
(And for the record? Helen, you are one strange lady!)

Hanzor: “Lego is definitely the best toy ever made. It used to keep me amused for hours and hours – especially the girly Lego Paradisa.
And what other toy still appeals to a man in his mid-twenties? So much so that he has some Lego Technik for Christmas”.

L.A: “I love Lego too. We never had any of our own when we were young, but there was a set of Lego that belonged to either my mum or my uncle, that was only kept at my grans house. She lived an hours drive away, so it was really special when we got to play with it. It was a hospital set, and must be from the 1960s. The box had been lost years ago, so my gran kept it in an old biscuit tin. I used to love building the wards, and the ambulance bay.
I am now a nurse, so I maintain the Lego must have had some influence haha!”

@SingleMummyUK: “Its a tie between Lego and Playmobil – both need children to have a great imagination to play with them and are timeless toys”.

RMontalban: “I too loved Sindy, but was she my favourite? I think I would have to say it would be a game like Snakes and Ladders, Tiddlywinks, Operation, Monopoly but then mmmm but then I am remembering Pac Man! Ha, ha, ha – this one is one I am going to have to think about”.

deerbaby: “Definitely not Tiny Tears or any of those dolls who cry and wet their nappies. I mean who needs that?
Operation was always too fiddly. Frustration left me frustrated.
I’d have to say Monopoly. Hours of fun squabbling over whether who wants to be the hat or dog or boot, whether I saw you when you tried to sneak past Mayfair, whether all the Chance money goes into Free Parking or not. And whether the bank will be kind or mean”.

Paula Virgo: “My best toy was my Action Girl and her horse – I lived my fantasy life through that piece of fully poseable plastic!”

Helen: “Lego is fantastic, my brother still gets it for Christmas every year (he’s 36). But I have to say as a small girl I did love my Action Man! He was great, he would marry Sindy and then chop her head off cos it was too big! (i was a strange kid!) He’d then use his eagle eyes and shoot things. I also had a Tiny Tears, i jammed blue tack down her throat so she wouldn’t pee herself but if you squeezed her right she’d ‘throw up!’ I have to say there have been times when i wanted to do this to my kids!”

Lisa Burridge: “My favourite toy was my baby doll, who I christened Marylin. She was so beautiful, until I cut all her hair off – I was devastated that it wouldn’t grow back, and poor Marylin was relegated to the bottom of the toy box!”

Lou: “Tiny Tears….. what possessed me to think that a baby doll that wet and cried real tears was a good idea? Several years later (actually 31to be exact) and I got a real live wet baby … then another one”.

Bubbleboo: “Anything by Playmobil. In fact, my son hates Playmobil but I still buy them for him just so I get to put them together…that’s really sad, isn’t it?!”

Michelle Cooper: “I was never allowed a Sindy or a Barbie. Until my 21st birthday where I was bought one as a joke (and no I still don’t find it funny) because I really really wanted a Sindy when I was little”.

Posh Totty: “I have to agree that Lego is by far the best toy ever 🙂 Well, except for the middle of the night when it gets left out and you tread on it with bare feet, that is not so good”.

Liveotherwise: “We had Duplo. Lots of Duplo. I particularly remember the schoolhouse – it was red and had yellow desks. Sadly when they were moving at some point, my dad put the Duplo in the wrong pile and took it to the tip – I think we all shed a tear as he described watching it cascade down the hill into the landfill :(“

Mummytips: “Sindy would kick Barbie’s butt and you know it.
Kenner Blythe doll. If you have a spare £1,000 it’s my birthday on Thursday!”

Carol: “Either Lego or train sets (unfortunately as a girl I never got a train set, but am glad my youngest son has one!). My brother and I had a huge basket of Lego which we would regularly empty over the living room floor, followed by endless hours of fun. So versatile! And my boys love it too. Is there any other toy out there that could compete with Lego?”

LauraCYMFT: “I love wooden train sets. I remember we would go in to ELC and they’d have the train set set up and we just had to play with it. I love playing with my son’s train set now, he doesn’t get a look in.”

Becca: “Best toy ever has to be a game my best friend had when we were about 6. It was a board game in which you ran a sweet shop, and came with little shelves and real sweets! They didn’t last long, as you can imagine.”

Wendy McDonald: “My best toy ever was my Fuzzy Felt…I’d spend hours making pictures…and when I realised that the felt pieces would stick to my mum’s velour sofa, I liked it even more!”

Lorraine Johnson: “My fuzzy felts farmyard set! I have only ever been able to get hold of cheap imitations for my son, they were really poor quality. He is 8 now, so it’s a bit late, but I would have loved to buy him the real deal.”

Gaz Mills: “Screwball Scramble. It took my ages to perfect it but in the end I got my quickest time down to 24 seconds.”

CMT: “Its got to be Stickle Bricks. I loved playing with them as a child and even saying the name is satisfying Go on, try it. Stickle Bricks. Brilliant.”

Emily Hutchinson: “Lego is ace! I even buy a Lego advent calendar and put it away until May so I can count down the days until my birthday on the 24th, yes I know that is a little strange. I’ve got Lego pirates all ready for next May”

Max: “The best toy ever was the wooden fort my dad built for me and my brother although Meccano runs it close.”

Carol Phile: “Dorable Dachsy the yapping fliping dog – I loved that thing – unfortunately my dog hated it and killed it and shredded its’ coat but I loved it….”

Mark S: “The best toy was the wind up and go Evil Kenevil Motorbike and Rider toy.”

Mitchell41: “The best ever toy i had was a Tonka dump truck and Tonka crane. They lasted for years and years.”

@DebbieAndrioli: “I think the good old Teddy Bear. What other toy is loved so much it literally falls to pieces?!”

Michelle Bamber: “My Sindy town house, i loved it. It had a lift on the side and four floors including a roof garden, it kept me busy for years.”

Rhydian: “Scalextric. I used to spend hours playing with it on the living room floor, much to the annoyance of my parents who had to move carefully around the room to get to the sofa.”

Derek: “Lego is the best toy ever because it brings me even more joy now as a 27 year old then it even did when I was a kid, sitting on the floor surrounded by thousands of pieces, scrambling around to fit the right sized piece to fit my creative vision.”

Sally Willcock: “I liked my Pippa dolls, Action Girl (who often got together with my brothers Action Man – the non eagle eye variety), space hopper and pogo stick”

Georgie Warsop: “The Fisher Price campervan. My mum still has it along with all the people, the chairs and toilets! My children now love it as much as I did.”

Christopher Bell: “The He-man action figures – I don’t care how camp it appeared, this is the best set of toys ever!”

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