Toys for 5 year old girls this Christmas

My rein as Best Mum Ever continues as my two children get to review a whole raft of toys after being named as Toys R Us Toyologists.
They take their role very very seriously.
This week it’s my 5 year old’s turn to take centre stage after the boys got to review toys for 8 year old boys.

Leapster Explorer Pink Console, £47.99

With Penguins of Madagascar softwar, £19.97
I haven’t been able to part my 5 year old from this learning system since the day she opened it.
She thinks she’s Important now she has her own ‘learning top’. I’m thinking she means laptop, but you never know with that girl.
The hand-held console entertains and educates in equal measure and has stacks of quizzes and games already loaded on there to play. Plus you can connect to the internet and download even more stuff to do.

It’s a really clever piece of kit; it has a touch screen with hi-res graphics, a stylus to practice writing and even adjusts the skill levels continually as the kit remembers your child’s level from game to game.
Our console came with the Penguins game which has also proved a big hit but which has had the downside of making both my kids talk like the animated characters all the time! Utterly brilliant.

VTech Kidizoom Pink Video Camera, £44.94
A couple of years ago my mum bought Mia one of those ‘first’ cameras. You know, the ones that teach your kids to drop cameras down the stairs and plop them in the goldfish bowl.
It was completely crap. The picture quality was, well, zero and the batteries ran out every 10 minutes (OK, so I’m slightly exaggerating).
So I wasn’t that hopeful of this device which lets your kids record videos, take photos, edit their creations and get to practice at being (insert your favourite movie director in here).

But no, it’s great. The picture quality is excellent given that it’s a child’s toy and it’s really easy to use.
There are built in games which allow you to put yourself in the heart of the action, you can connect to the TV or computer and you can extend the memory with a SD card if you wish.
There is also face-tracking technology that means you can add moving animations to a moving picture.
Ruddy hilarious!

Baby Annabell Interactive Doll, £44.99
I confess I struggle with dolls. So what if it can cry and poo and ask for a cuddle?
Baby Annabell is “just like a real baby” She babbles, gurgles, giggles and sucks on her dummy or bottle. She drinks real water from her bottle and she cries real tears.
After drinking she will burp, yawn and go to sleep and if you rock her, she closes her eyes and will go to sleep.
And all this for £45! Wowzers.
My 5 year old was unimpressed and after playing with her for a day, gave her to a friend, only to return to playing with a doll she’s had for years that doesn’t gurgle or giggle.
To be fair it’s a very impressive toy and I guess if you’re little girl is really a fan of dolls this is great, but it wasn’t for us.

Silver Cross Ranger Doll Pram in Marshmallow, £34.99
I’m pretty sure the makers didn’t intend for this pram to be used to cart shoes around the house, but there you go. My daughter is nothing if not inventive.
It’s a great little pram, really robust (my kids even started pushing each other around in it until I yelled “STOP” in a commanding, motherly way *ahem*).
It’s great looking, comes with a little changing bag and even folds up for easy storage.

Strawberry Shortcake Cafe Playset, £34.99
This didn’t go down too well with me when we opened the box and it smelled of (sort of) strawberries!
The scent does die down after a while, however, and I have to confess it does look very cute and very bright and playable.
But enough about me, what did the 5 year old make of it?
Well she played with it for a whole day, moving the little pieces all around (they are all included so you don’t have to fork out even more money for extras) and even opting to play with it instead of helping me with the washing up, which she NEVER turns down!

Sticky Mosaics Unicorns, £14.99
Easily one of the best ‘toys’ we’ve had from Toys R Us to review.
The craft box contains 4 pictures and a pack of sticky foam squares and you basically have to stick the squares to the numbered areas on the pictures.
Mosaic by numbers if you will.
Really really simple, but kept my kids quiet for HOURS.

Littlest Pet Shop Blythe Set, £9.72
Cute figures set based on the cult, big-eyed Takara Blythe dolls which comes with a figure, her pet companion and various accessories.
Cute, and a cheap way of owing your own (version of) a Blythe.

Snazaroo Girl Face Paints, £9.99
Oh I do have a very big soft spot for face paints. The only problem I have is that my 5 year old always wants to be made up like the Devil or a Monster, which really doesn’t suit a set which is all pastel colours for nice girlie creations!
However, I have to say Snazaroo face paints are excellent – good coverage, good colours and makes mummy into an artist when she is SO not.

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