The plan

You know there are some people who forget to eat when they’re stressed?
Yeah, I’m so not that person.

Sure I’ve forgotten to put my make up on. I’ve even forgotten my own birthday once, but that was because I was huge with child and hormones had taken over. But forget to eat? Never.
I’m that person who is scoffing down their healthy breakfast and daydreaming about what to have for lunch and all the while my inner voice is chanting its own little mantra: MUST. EAT. SOMETHING. SWEET.
When I’m stressed I eat.

I read somewhere that the typical symptoms of stress are eating too much, impulse buying and driving too fast. Are they kidding? That’s my idea of a perfect day!
I have precisely zero willpower and a compulsion to buy every multi packet of Kitkat when they are on offer in the supermarket. I cannot lie, I have a sweet tooth. I have several sweet teeth.

Banning food is like a red rag to a bull. If you tell me I can no longer eat something, I want it. Right now. In fact, it could be something I have never craved in my life before, but if you tell me it’s on the no no list I will suddenly decide it’s my most favourite thing ever. And oh my, I want it I want it.
See what I mean? Unless of course you told me I could absolutely never each mushrooms again and I’d be laughing.

If you eat when you’re stressed it soon spirals into a sequence of ‘I’ve had a bad day so I’m treating myself to this’ and then an hour later you feel so angry and upset with yourself you think I may as well eat the the lot and ‘be good’ tomorrow.

So, I have a Plan. A really simple Plan. One even I can stick to. This is my Fit Club plan of action;

  1. Drink more water.
    Tsk you’re thinking, is that it? Well, you know how we all secretly hope there is this magic ‘thing’ we can do that will make us lose weight and look younger? Well that ‘thing’ is water.
    When I was trying to get pregnant with my first baby I drank enough water to flood Africa.
    My skin was amazing, my appetite didn’t rage out of control and I felt fabulous.
    Sure it’s a bit boring, but what have you got to lose?
  2. Taste my food.
    I am so guilty of just 
    shovelling it in. I’m so hungry that it barely touches the sides and I’ve finished off the plate before hubby has even sat down with me.
    The trouble with that is you just keep eating passed your ‘I’ve had enough’ stage and end up over eating. So I am going to take my time, enjoy my food (which I’ve usually slaved over anyway) and STOP WHEN I’VE HAD ENOUGH. I am going to eat until I am satisfied.
    Which leads me on to
  3. Eat when I’m hungry.I am clearly not a 3 meals a day girl. I snack, I graze, call it what you will but I need a constant stream of food. If I leave it until I’m really hungry I end up doing what I’m trying to avoid in number 2.
    I’m not a fan of portion control either. If my plate looks too small or I feel like I’m being deprived, I’ll start eying up everyone else’s plates and then I’ll want to snack even more and it’s just a slow downward spiral.
  4. Stop eating so late
    This is a real tough one for me. I either have to eat with the children around 5pm or wait until hubby gets home (and I’m usually in the middle of the bedtime routine so we have to wait to eat until after that) and eat at around 8.30pm.
    I HATE eating that late at night. So I am going to stop eating after 7pm. That should put paid to the bar of chocolate that usually surfaces just in time for House/Desperate Housewives/Smallville.
    I CAN watch the telly without feeding my face.
  5. Move.I love walking. Up hill and down dale. And given the slightest change the children want to play football/go bike riding/climb a tree/go swimming. I am going to say yes to as many of these as I can. Maybe no the tree climbing.

So there you have it.
Not great leaps in change. Baby steps.

And please PLEASE, if you’re on a similar journey and haven’t had any success so far DO NOT GIVE UP. Come on over and see if I can’t motivate you to keep going.

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