Photobox in my office

The trouble with digital photography is that you never really print anything off any more.
However, the joy of digital photography means you can now do this:

Every day at work my two babies are with me thanks to a canvas print from online digital photo developing company PhotoBox who offered to let me use their service for free to see what I made of it.
Well, I likey.
Uploading the photo and ordering was as easy as pie and the pictured turned up on my doorstep well wrapped just a few days later.
I may have squealed a little when I opened it.
I mean, just look at them.

In fact, we liked it so much I’ve ordered another two for the grandparents for Christmas presents.
Thems what’s called Brownie Points.

The downside? Sure the quality is excellent and I’ve had so many comments about it from visitors (who, if I’m honest, I make look at it whether they like it or not) but I really don’t like the fact that the print doesn’t continue around the side of the canvas. Instead there is a white strip all around the sides which spoils it somewhat unless your picture is mounted somewhere it’s only ever viewed face on.
All of which is rather misleading because when you view the example pieces on the website, they all have the picture totally wrapped around the frame.

If they had done that it would have been perfect.

It’s also worth signing up to received their offers: I ordered by 2 additional canvases on a 2 for 1 offer. Bargain.

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