Patience is . . .

Remaining unruffled as your fiercely independent child wrestles with the lid on a toothpaste tube while attempting to brush their teeth and then gets said toothpaste all over the front of their school uniform.

Listening to a 7 year old retell a story.

Listening to a 7 year old tell a joke.

Finding your inner calm when both of your children have had friends over after school for tea and your house is trashed and you’ve still got another hour to go until their parents turn up.

Not losing it when you realise the school sweatshirt she’s just spilt toothpaste down is the last clean one in her wardrobe.

Keeping your cool when you realise the brand new school sweatshirt that cost you £10.50, has come home after ONE day of wear with a dirty great black marker pen blob on the front.

Not flapping when you find blobs of yoghurt on the living room coffee table. And the sofa. And the TV remote. And the rug. How? I mean, just how?

Telling yourself ‘it’s only a phone’ when you find your 5 year old has put your iPhone in the kitchen bin. The  one that’s just about to be emptied into the outside wheelie bin.

Dear internet, I’ve tried tried tried to make patience my very dear friend, but sometimes, just GRRRRRRR!

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