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Every week in my son’s Year 3 class at school, they have a maths test.
They call it the 11 Club.

The first week they had 11 questions in 10 minutes. If they get all questions right, they are given a certificate and move on to the 22 Club, which is 22 questions in 10 minutes. And so on.
Just before half term he passed the 44 Club and joined the ranks of the 55 Club – one of only 3 in his year to manage it on the first attempt.

I know not everyone will like this sort of competitive teaching, but my 7 year old thrives on it.
His face when he came home and told us he was through was priceless.
I know he’s going to have to fail soon, but actually he’s a pretty good loser already: He spent a whole season playing football where a 3-0 loss was cause for celebration. And not once did he complain or sulk or throw his toys out of the pram.
He just got back up and went back out on that pitch once again with renewed determination.

Alongside his love of sport, numeracy seems to have become his favourite school subject.
None of which is very surprising when you consider that his activity of choice at bedtime are pages and pages of sums he gets his dad and myself to set him.

My gorgeous little maths geek!

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