Fashionista. Sort of

My 5 year old daughter fancies herself as a bit of a fashionista.
Not as in catwalks and modelling and designing and loving clothes.
As in if I dare suggest what she might wear today, she’ll look it up and down, roll her eyes, then in her ‘I’m only tolerating you because you’re my mother voice’ say; “I’m not wearing THAT”.
Total contempt bundled up in the word ‘that’.

No, I wouldn’t say Mia loves clothes. But she knows exactly what she wants to wear – which is pretty much aways jeans or leggings or anything which will allow her to climb. Or wrestle. Or ride a horse (no, we don’t have one, but she likes to pretend).

And then a pile of goodies turns up from one of my favourite online kids clothes retailers Vertbaudet.
All French fashion, gorgeously girlie outfits and Parisian chic.
A pile of goodies which includes a couple of ballet-style skirts. And a dress.
My heart sinks.

Then she comes downstairs wearing this. Of her own choosing.
It’s GORGEOUS. And she knows it, so she does a twirl or two.
She looks so girlie and sweet and I’m all a flutter.

Then, as if to bring me back down to earth with a bump, she lifts the folds of her skirt with a cheeky grin playing around her mouth.
She’s wearing a pair of jeans her dad cut off for her to make shorts underneath the skirt. The loose threads are trailing down her thighs.
My little fashionista!

Both of my children have grown up with Vertbaudet clothes and I confess I may have snapped the PRs hand off right up to the elbow when I was offered some of their range to try out.
(Plus, they do fabulous sales too).
And oh blimey, don’t even get me started on the kids bedroom stuff . . .

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